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BBigApp Provides a powerful platform for customers to fulfill all their business needs.

A group of IT experts created a platform for all scale of business and providing smart solutions for business.How does it work?

Requirement gathering

Our Expert will reach out to the customer and take the business needs for analysis.

Settling up solution

After analysis, we will find the suitable inbuild module for building the solution.

Ready to use

Once the solution is ready, Our expert will deploy the solution on the business module and continuously monitor for any mistakes.

Settling up best solution.

Our hybrid platform contains all kind of in-built business modules, which help us to build the solutions very fast for our customer. Just like "PLUG IN AND PLAY"

Once our experts completed the analysis for any business, we will convert that into 1 to N' steps. once we gather all the relevant in-built modules for those steps, they will bind them into a solution for customer.

Ready to Use

Once the solution is ready then the delivery team will onboard the solution into their business and take care of continues monitoring of it.

When we are building the solution, we will involve the customer also in every stages for taking better ideas from the customer.

Our customer support team will always take care of the solutions that we have provided by our platform.

Empower yourself in most trending technologies with the same enterprise training that drives Fortune 500 companies.

To bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporates, Bbigapp focuses on productivity enhancement training. Bbigapp provides turnkey in-company training and skill building services, certification of professional skills, standardized quality content development and delivery

Data Science with Machine Learning Algorithms(AI)

Accelerate your career with the exclusive Data Scientist Master’s Program co-developed with Corporate Trainers. Experience world-class training by an industry leader on the most in-demand Data Science and Machine learning skills. Gain hands-on exposure to key technologies including Python, SQL, Databrikes and Spark. Become an expert Data Scientist today.

For more information Contact : 8185017664 ([email protected])

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Speed up your Business Products Service,Leave Technology on Us

Free Business Application

we offers you free business applications for your business.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

we offers you Free unlimited cloud storage for your business.

Free Cloud Security

We offers you free security with SSL Certificate for your entire business transaction.

Free SSD Disk with Backup

We offers you Free SSD Disk Space storage with Crash Backup for your business.

Desk&Mobile Compatibility

Our Applications will support any device Desktop,Ipad and Mobile for your business.

SMS & Email Notification

We offers you Free Email's & SMS's to track your business with clients.

Auto-Generate Remainders

we offers you Free Auto-generate remainders alerts for your business.

Free Business Sub-Domain Name

We offers you Free Business Sub Domain to promote your business.

Free Business Dashboard

We offers Dashboard for your Business for Up-Sell&Cross-Sell Suggestions.

Free Business Reports

We offers Reports for your Business for Analytics,Sales,Financial Reports&Projections.

Business Compatibility

Our applications has a compatibility to adopt new flow for your business..

Free Domain Private Emails

We offers you free Domain private emails for your business([email protected]).

Why choose us?

We plan, design, develop and support trusted tech solutions for people like you.

Speed & Reliability

Put all the focus into Business development, while we take care of the server uptime and monitoring!

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100% Security

SSL Certificate to secure customer data & increase SEO rankings

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24/7 Live Support

No matter the time or place, a dedicated team of support experts will always be by your side.

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